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If 2020 had a Marketing Campaign; it would definitely be that one from the vintage Calgon Bath and Body Company. For you youngsters, the commercial featured a woman so overwhelmed with daily life, she finally screams…“Calgon! Take me away!” She sinks into a bath, and all of her problems disappear. Since most of us are now at home more than usual, there is a good chance that everyone is all up in everyone else’s grill, and that alone could be a bit more than we can handle day after day. That being said, it’s so crucial for us to seek some quiet time and take a little edge off to “take us away” from it all. These glorious products allow us to unwind, chill and get some of that pent-up energy out so we can press on with life. Times are tough, and we need all the help we can get!

Shower Steamers

I love a bath, but being a mom of 2-year-old twins, I rarely have time to take one, so I cherish every second of my 3-4 minute showers. With these nifty little shower steamers, it becomes even more of a spa-like experience. Similar to bath bombs, these tablets are created with essential oils, citric acid and baking soda. But unlike the bombs, you don’t submerge them into the water, but you place them on the floor just out of the shower stream, where water is less likely to make direct contact with the tablet. The shower’s warm steam begins to gently release the essential oils’ aroma as the tablet slowly melts away… hopefully, along with all of your cares and worries. (Well, at least for those 3-4 minutes!)  

Scalp Massager 

This cheap and cheerful little gadget is made from super-smooth silicone, and it’s easy to grip. It not only feels fantastic on your noggin, but it also soothes itchy scalp controls dandruff and oily buildup. More than just washing your hair with your fingers, this stimulates your scalp for healthy, clean, and shiny hair. It promotes healthy hair growth for longer, more beautiful hair, and better blood circulation. It also doubles as a fantastic back scratcher! 

Warmie Microwave Friends 

I bought these initially for my twins to snuggle at nap and nighttime but ended up buying one for myself because they are not only super cute and soft but are filled with lavender and flax seeds, so they smell divine and calm you for sleep. They also warm up nicely in the microwave and stay warm for about 45 minutes to an hour.  

Smudge Sticks, ABC Carpet and Home

Have you ever walked into a home or space and get the heebee jeebees? I do, a lot. I am a firm believer that places hold residual energy and this energy can be positive and sometimes yucky, so it’s super important to keep our living spaces spiritually clean as this energy can rub off on us! “Smudging” is one of the ways to do this. Smudging is an ancient ritual used in many cultures where our ancestors burned herbs, flowers, and resins and believed the sacred smoke assisted with elevating vibrations and neutralizing negative energies. The smoke fills and purifies the environment and with some minor preparations and a little prayer or mantra, you can send those yuckies a packin’ and clear the air. 

Catherine Rising Large Lavender Smudge Stick

Adult Coloring Book

Serenity now! These are a surprisingly fun and therapeutic pastime. When I first saw adult coloring books, I immediately dismissed them until I tried one and they are surprisingly cathartic! So, put down your phone, pick up a crayon and go to town. This particular coloring book is filled with de-stressing and hilarious swear words that are sure to lighten your mood.

Essential oil Diffuser

There are so many of these on the market right now that it’s one of those items everyone should have in their dwelling.  With so many designs to choose from, it is not impossible to have one in every room of the house. This one is very chic and sleek so you will want to display it. This brand also has amazing essential oils that you can buy here.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Ceramic Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy, White, 90ml Capacity

Noise Cancelling Headphones 

SO clutch right now. For everything from drowning out the background noises of your very crowded house, to using your favorite meditation app or listening to a book or music without being disrupted, these are a must-have on “Things I need for my sanity-now list” There are so many styles and options, but I love the pair that I have, the JBLs. They are sleek but comfortable and the sound is perfect. 

Foot Massager 

Let’s face it; our feet could use a little work at the moment. We’ve been forced to take a break from our bi-monthly pedi’s, and a little TLC is just what our tootsies need. This Foot Massager feels divine and you don’t have to worry if you drool while falling asleep in your chair. 

Damnit Stress Relief Doll  

Why do you need this? Because, 2020. Whether it’s the pandemic, politics or the pains of everyday life that make you want to throw something, there is now something made to throw…Like, specifically created for throwing! They are not only durable; they come in an array of cute colorful prints.

Worry Healing Hut

I had no idea how satisfying burning paper is. Especially when that paper has our unnecessary worries, negative and anxious thoughts written on them. Now you can write down what is irking you, take a deep breath and let it go. Simply place the paper in the worry hut and light it from underneath. Watch all of your worries go up in a cloud of smoke. See? All better!!

Worry Healing Hut

The Standard Dose Be Calm Patch 

Slappn’ on the patch, Mon! All is Ire with this discreet transdermal patch that combines organic hemp CBD and menthol to help relieve stress and ease minor aches and pains. 

Be Calm Patch The Good Patch by La Mend | Standard Dose
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