Gifts for Zombie Fans

12 Apr

A run down of the coolest and most unique gift ideas for the zombie-lover. Dedicated to all those with their own zombie apocalypse survival plan…

Top Gift: Zombie Experience Days

Over in the UK, this Zombie Shopping Mall experience day is getting a lot of press.

Zombie Experience Gift

"If, like me, you hate things that shuffle (old people, zombies, card sharks) then don’t miss out on this incredible full immersion zombie battering experience..." -

Armed with a variety of Airsoft guns, folks pay good money to have an alternate-reality day of zombie (actor) killing terror/fun. Tickets are selling like crazy.

The same company offers a few similar zombie experiences based in different locations, (and rumor has it they are coming up with new ideas for zombie lovers in the future).

Not in the UK?

Well, if travel to the UK isn’t a possibility, you are probably out of luck for a Zombie Experience of such quality. There are a few Zombie Camps in the US — but they are few and not of the same caliber compared to the UK zombie experiences.

More Cool Zombie Gift Ideas

For those in the US and other parts of the world, here are some other cool gift for zombie fans:

Zombie Fashion:
Like this “Zombie Attack Hoodie” or a nifty t-shirt:

Zombie Posters:
Also make for a cool gift idea…

Zombie Games:
How about some Zombie Poetry for the fridge? Or The Walking Dead Boardgame…maybe a “I Fight Zombies” dog tag for your pet?

Still need Zombie Gift Ideas?

You can also check out huge selection of Zombie movies available on DVD.


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